Five Years of Foreign Occupation of Iraq: Your Views, Comments and Reactions

March 21, 2008 1:12am CST
It's now five years after the US invaded and occupied the sovereign state of Iraq, deposing its allegedly dictator, Saddm Hussein, and speedily having executed by an excuse of Iraqi justice. Anyhow, what are your views, comments and reactions on this subject, especially when we look at Iraq today? Was it worth it? What have been the consequences? Suppose other peaceful means were sought, would we have a different picture today? It would be interesting to know if you are a US citizen or non-US citizen when responding, but it is not a must that you indicate. Thanks.
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• United States
22 Mar 08
Would you want to say please stop that wasn't very nice to people if they had viciously attacked your country and killed innocent people? My views are kill the extremist or atleast put them all in jail and let the normal everyday Iraqies live in peace without the nutjobs dictating and using children to bomb Iraqie people and US soldiers. And let the rest of the world live without fear of these muslim extremist attacking. Iraq was not sovereign. They invaded Kuwait not too many years ago.
• Zambia
23 Mar 08
Kinda sounds like a case of crying over spilt milk when you say please stop that wasn't very nice. Someone responsible gotta mop up the dirt and clean up the whole place of the mess. In the meantime, there has to be a price to be paid, unfortunately.
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• Czech Republic
27 Mar 08
I am from Europa and I dont agree with the war in Iraq...OK, Saddam was bad man, but Saddam could be quickly killed...without 160 000 US soldiers (and + Blackwater, etc.) Does the Iraq government exist? Or it is USA government in Iraq?