Sisters: eBay pulled corn flake auction

@shakeroo (3990)
March 21, 2008 3:53am CST
I always heard about the weirdest things that people auction on e-bay and this is one of those cases. "Something really dramatic just happened with our corn flake," Melissa McIntire, 23, of Chesapeake, Va., said Tuesday, explaining that the sisters received an e-mail from eBay saying the state-shaped cereal was in violation of the site's food policy. Would you even buy something such as that? read more:;_ylt=Aoz8.qI3AaQAPrBv_OEC87rtiBIF
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• Philippines
21 Mar 08
That's a pretty interesting auction. I never thought that cornflakes can be shaped like a state. I don't really look at the cornflakes when I eat them. I just pour on the milk and munch!
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@shakeroo (3990)
• Malaysia
22 Mar 08
That's what I do too!