how to master a language?

March 21, 2008 5:24am CST
I'm studying chinese but it's not easy to master. Have u ever learn a foreign language ?Could u share with me what did u do to master a language?
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@goldwin65 (937)
• Malaysia
21 Mar 08
As a teacher, I told my students that in order to master a language don't treat it as a subject but as a language. How you master your mother tongue and that is how you master other languages. So dinhquanghuy, treat it as a language and you must enjoy the language. Our country is very rich with tradition and cultural where there are 42 different ethnics meaning to say 42 different spoken languages excluding English and other foreign languages. Like myself I can speak 9 different languages including English, Chinese (Hokkien and Mandarin) and Bahasa Malaysia.
@Pandaboy (158)
• China
21 Mar 08
my friend,i'd like to show my admiration to your encourage learning Chines.I'm a chinese.But i always consider chinese as the most complex language in the world!From the first day i got in the primary school to my high middle school,chinese is the weakest course for me in all.In each examination,chinese is always the course hitng my confidence.I always got higher score in english than chinese.Chinese is totally a different language from latin. why do you learn chinese? are u interested in China?I'm learning espanol~~ja...
@gxnfly (1147)
• China
21 Mar 08
Hello,friend!I am chinese,and I am learning Englishing right now!Technically I am trying to move up a ladder.That's kind of a reason I myLotting everyday.I think as a second language ,Chinese is more different for you foreigner to learn.There are too many tones characters out there. I 've got an idea which might is beneficial to both of us.Why don't we learn from each other,I teach you Chinese,then you can teach me English at the same time.I just sign up my MSN,ever used it till now. Here is my MSN: If you will,contact me.