Can you read PIECE?

March 21, 2008 5:32am CST
Can you read piece of sonatas, partitur or partita... or what they called it... anyway, its just only music notes with many symbols of music... hmmm... and you play your musical instrument with it???? For me, i can read basic piece... but i cant read and even follow the complicated piece with many symbols, such arpeggio, etc... its difficult.
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@lishiwei (1553)
• China
21 Mar 08
I like music,but I can't read the piece.I feel it is too difficult for me to remember the symbols.I think the people who can rememer it is very good at music at love it.
• Philippines
16 Jan 09
it is true that it is not easy to read those musical pieces. one has to undergo a formal training on music before this is achieved. then as one tries to play the piece the first time, he must have a good ear for music. he needs it in order to detect and know that he is playing the music right.
• Philippines
16 Jan 09
it is true that it is difficult to be reading musical pieces. the simple ones are for those who are trying to have a go at making music their mainstream of life. so i can read the basic ones, alright. but as for those which are meant for musicians, oh no, i cannot make much sense there. my love for music was what made me encourage my youngest son to take up piano lessons right from his very young years. when his leukemia has rendered him so weak, he had to stop. that was too bad. he was already doing well then. now, after so many years of having been in treatment, he just cannot find the love of pursuing it anymore. but yes, he can read those musical pieces already.