Silly squirrels.

March 21, 2008 7:19am CST
In my garden we have a washing line and hanging from it is the bird seed feeder. It is placed on the line at the point above the rose bushes. Anyway, a silly but clever little squirrel managed to climp up the pole on the side, walk accross the line upside down and eat some of the food! I wish I had it on video! It nearly fell at one point and I could hardly look then with it being above the sharp thorns on the roses. Also, squirrels are usually really frightened of humans around here, but recently I opened my front door to go out and to my suprise stood a little squirrel looking up at me with cute eyes, begging to come in with its little hands! It was so cute and kept coming further forward towards the door but obviously I couldn't let it in, so I had to shut the door and go lol. My father was behind me though and before he shut it, he knew it must have been the squirrel he feeds sometimes so he went "No, go round the back!". Straight away the little creature ran round to the back garden for some food. It was so funny! Anyone else seen some funny squirrel behaviour?
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@babykeka80 (2003)
• United States
21 Mar 08
We had one in our yard when we were growing up that use to get on a branch just low enough to drive our dogs crazy. Then it would drop stuff at them it was pretty funny. It would run down like they were gonna be able to get it then go right back up the tree. My daughter is two and loves to watch the squirrels play.
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21 Mar 08
Haha, they are crazy but really funny! Once I was sat eating my breakfast and we didn't have a net curtain up, so I looked to the side and there was a squirrel watching me eat from on top of the fence. Bless. I have always loved squirrels since i was a small child!
@Lindalinda (4112)
• Canada
21 Mar 08
I live near a park and when I go for a walk I usually take some peanuts along. The squirrels know this by now and a couple of them jump onto the bench where I sit and take the nuts. There is one though, that must have had contact with humans before. As soon as he sees me he raced towards me, climbs up my leg and gets into my pockets to fish out a nut. Sometimes he sits on my knee on the bench and eats the nuts. As soon as he sees another squirrel approach he jumps off and chases it away. Then he comes right back. I am still very careful not to touch it in any way because they are wild animals.
21 Mar 08
Aww! Yeah you are right about not touching it though. Years ago my dad was walking through regents Park in London and he had just finished eating a peach. He still had the whatsitcalled from the middle and just as he was about to throw it into a bin, a squirrel climbed up him and snatched it out of his hand!