Tiger Ranch is a good place~news stories wrong and unfair!

United States
March 21, 2008 9:29am CST
I have been to Tiger Ranch myself and the animals were well cared for, happy and loving. Lin Marie is a great women and a for real a friend of animals. She helped us with low cost vet care and even took some animals from the streets in our area where they were in danger of being abused. The animals in the freezer were waiting to be buried so much is being made of this it makes sense because you can do that in the winter time. Lin would bury animals for people who could not afford it. Everything this women did was for the good of the animals. It is a witch hunt. Those who went undercover should have helped if they thought it was needed there.They must be truly ugly persons who would cause animals to lose a place where they were happy. They should seek out the Michael Vicks of the world and others who are really animal haters. Lin Marie had to have so many animals because the rest of the people do so little. The ranch was a place where sick animals and those nobody wanted could live out their days free and under the care of someone to whom they mattered. It was not a place like animal friends and was not meant to be. It was a world the cats loved. Every place is sometimes not as clean as we would like even our homes. Even at its worse Tiger Rance was better the streets or the death waiting for most of the cats at the shelters. We need more places like Tiger Ranch! Animals are killed in the shelter everyday just because they are unwanted. I have several FIV cats and the fact that the so-called humane officers killed them just because of that condition sickens me. Some people just don't believe in killing animals just allowing them the dignity of dying a natural death. I feel that way myself. The animals had food,water and care till the end. As for pain the way they kill animals in shelters is not pretty. Anyone who think it is kind should see the movie "Earthlings". Support Tiger Ranch because without it the animals have nothing.~
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