Partner had a car accident

@bcote212 (1113)
United States
March 21, 2008 9:32am CST
My partner was in a car accident the other day. He is ok, but the insurance company wants to total my car because it will cost more to fix it then the car is actually worth. So we may be without a car, and still owe payments on it. Can we sue the guy who was at fault for the accident to pay off the car? Has this happened to anyone else?
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@raychill (6530)
• United States
21 Mar 08
You've gotta determine if it's worth it. For one, when you get a car you should get Gippy Insurance (i don't think that's how it's spelled) it's insurance that says if your car is totalled before it's paid don't have to pay for it. I learned that the hard way. Anyway. Long story short I've been in many a car accident in my time. When I was a kid my parents did go through the hassle of suing. Partially because I was a seven year old girl and we'd been sent to Shock Trauma. It was a very bad accident. It was worth the trouble. I've totalled two of my own cars. Neither was my fault. I did not take either to a lawyer because in the long run it wouldn't have been worth it. It's worth it if your partner was hurt... especially if he was hurt badly. But if he wasn't hurt that badly or at all, It's really not going to be worth it. Your insurance will give you the blue book value (usually over blue book value) for a car... and your insurance should pay for a rental for a while. I know mine will pay for a rental for a month. You can use that money you get for the car to pay off the old car and/or pay for a new one. I got a lot of money for my cars. Much more than they were worth. and when you get a new car...get that insurance.