Games Between You An Your Pets

Maggie - We both love our game...
United States
March 21, 2008 11:05am CST
Do you have any "games" that you play with your pets, that you BOTH know how to do it, when to do it, etc? Well me and my dog do!=) Here's what our little "inside game" is... whenever either of us are walking toward eachother for any reason, we both stop and freeze. No matter what we were going to do. We stop directly across from eachother and freeze (she even stops wagging her tail completely). She lowers her head very slightly, I bend my back and lower my head a little bit like her lol. Then I creep forward very slowly, one step at a time. She NEVER moves a muscle when I do this. And she will not move until I jump forward fast and go "bah" (or whatever noise lol. I could be inches from her face and she will not move or lose eye contact. And when I finally do jump forward fast she takes a step back, and then jumps up (tail waggin') on me so I'm holding her up with my arms. lol. Okay who's next?
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