Why do you use Linux?

@bayernfan (1430)
March 21, 2008 11:19am CST
I decided to try linux after my latest upgrade. I had an extra computer and I wanted a challenge. I installed a new OS on the old rig and chose a Linux OS as the replacement. I have been really impressed with the power of Linux and I love it. I think that I can now be considered a convert although I still use Windows on other computers. Why do you use Linux? What is it that you like about Linux?
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@dark_joev (3043)
• United States
19 Oct 08
I use it because it is a really good OS for programing in and I also like it for the fact that is free in price most of the time and also free in that you can get access to the source code that is in the OS. I use Ubuntu and I like that fact that bugs get fixed so quickly that it isn't even funny no more waiting for Microsoft to get there service packages released.
@bayernfan (1430)
• Canada
8 Nov 08
Yeah, Ubuntu is good with regular updates. The Ubuntu community is strong and their website is extensive and helpful. I visited the Ubuntu forum many times when I was first starting out. There are many full featured Linux distros that are incredibly user friendly. That fact that they are also free is the biggest bonus of all.
• India
23 Mar 08
I feel Linux is better OS because open source code . we can made necessary changes if required in the code.I feel security is high in the linux.
@bayernfan (1430)
• Canada
23 Mar 08
I hold the same sentiments. Linux OSes are quite powerful and their open source nature is advantageous to businesses and end users alike. If you like to customize your OS and if you have the knowledge to code things yourself, then I think a Linux OS is for you. Security is high. Nothing untoward can be activated without root privilege and password knowledge.
• Algeria
12 Sep 11
free from Virus and free of charge and open source