is it a good solution for peace on this world

@harrish (126)
March 21, 2008 12:20pm CST
by religion, i does not mean any religion but god . i think the person who really having good faith in god is relaxed as his job is clearly and clever ly done by his effots and power of god .. is my conception is rihgt and if so giv me some more thing s abt it pls
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• Indonesia
25 Mar 08
i think the religion you refer to is better to be called "spirituality". spirituality reflects our pure relationship with God. it's nothing to do with religion. yes, spirituality will be a good solution for peace on this world.
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• United States
22 Mar 08
I don't believe religion is the solution for peace. I know plenty of people who don't have religion that are peaceful. Religion can not bring peace, there are too many different ones and too many stubborn people who think everyone has to believe the same way they do. I believe education is the key to a peaceful world. Hate is taught, tolerance for others must be taught to us by our parents and in our schools.
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@padu19 (1441)
• India
26 Mar 08
Good discussion harrish!! Religion is just one's way of worshiping God and it is in no way connected with world peace or world wars!! If someone truly believes in his/her religion then he/she will first remember not to lie, because in all religions "lying is a sin".. But no one really follows it. People just make use of the name "Religion" whenever they need. By the way your conception is good...