Find out how you can BUY makeup for 50% off!!!

United States
March 21, 2008 2:17pm CST
It's a NO brainer! TONS of consultants have done it! You sign up with a company, not to become a consultant, but to get the BEST deal on makeup and skin care. BUT with a LOT of the companys you have to spend a certain amount EACH month. With Mary Kay, you don't. Not ONLY do they have MINERAL makeup which is EXCELLENT for your skin, but you can sign with them and HAVE the 50% discount on ALL products. Just think you ONLY have to spend $200 EVERY three months in order to stay active. If you don't NEED the products, then sell it. You get your money wholesale. You sell something for $20, and you KEEP $10. How great is that? Not to mention, the TAX WRITEOFFS. I have written off SO many things because of MK or any of the other businesses. I bought a BRAND NEW computer and that is a WRITEOFF. That means come tax time, I basically got the computer for FREE. I get the money back! Here are the specs: Sign up for $100. With that $100 you get $323 worth of products and business supplies. Now you can keep the products for your self and use them, like I am doing, OR you can sell them and make this your business. I mainly do my business from home. I don't go out and do the facials or whatnot. I let others know about my business and if they want to buy, I direct them to my website. It's THAT simple! I think MAKING 50% of what you sell is so worth it! You tell me... Visit my website for more info AND if you have ANY questions, shoot me a message through the website that you want to learn more. Also, just to let you know, that you can do this in ANY state. Don't have to be in the same area. You can EARN FREE cars. Just think of you driving in a car that you DON'T pay for! Prizes, Money, Jewelry. EVERYTHING!! It's nice when a company gives you things for being awesome at what you do!! Its' 90% buy back guarantee, so if it doesn't work out then hey you can sell it BACK to our company and be on your way. It's 100% RISK FREE!
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@aj2006 (1536)
• Philippines
1 Jul 08
hi there! I am a beauty consultant here in the Philippines, I am under Sunden Area Unit. Diamond Unit, I am new and I wanted to learn from my fellow consultants.. hope to hear from you.