what is the best suspense movie?

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March 21, 2008 4:13pm CST
well im so obsessed with suspense movies...my favorite of all is fracture,dragon fly, stir of echoes and the new one.sixth sense and so on. if you could give me some ideas of some more cause im starting to run out of the suspense movies to rent. i know theres ton of them i havent seen but i dont know any of them.
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@Raysrunt (72)
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23 Mar 08
I would like to add a couple I enjoyed, Identity and The Others. They kept you guessing and that's a good thing where I'm concerned. I love ployt twists and surprise endings. All of Shamalans are great, too.
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24 Mar 08
Identity was a good movie. I think it could have been a good movie without the crazy guy. Just the hotel part was good enough. Honestly, the part with the crazy guy kind of bugs me. But I love John Cusack!!! The Others was okay. I saw it once, don't really remember anything about it. And I probably won't see it again because my fear of ghosts has grown a bit! lol. What are the Shamalans??
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30 Mar 08
I like anything by M Night Shamalan, like Signs, Sixth Sense and The Village. Nice twists.
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21 Mar 08
oh i love suspense/thriller movies too! I will defeniatly be checking back on this discussion to see what other people say! =) Hmm...there is one movie I liked that no one else seems to know about. I thought it was really good (although a bit odd ;P but not too bad). It's called Thr3e, it stars a great (unknown) actor named Marc Blucas. I would defeniatly recommend that one.