Does anyone here know about the greatest vitamin in the

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March 21, 2008 6:08pm CST
Do you think those vitamins are safe and/or have you gotten involved with the website at all?
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22 Mar 08
i have been involved with vitamins and food supplements most of my adult life and i am 63..the only thing i would avoid is a vitamin that is synthetic vitamin..real food vitamins don't burn and a chemical vitamin will burn if you hold a match to way of telling..its only logical to get the vitamins from real food sources but i take a multi vitamin because i want to be sure my body has all the daily don't buy the cheapest vitamins in the discount stores..these are not that good..but don't over pay for a brand you can rely on.. i take oil daily and a garlic supplement twice a day with a multi vitamin twice a day...most vitamins like c and b are water solulable and will pass through your body in urine if you take too many...I would be leery of any vitamin that says its the greatest vitamin in the world..also i used to sell Shaklee and they are good but too expensive and i had a question with their selling methods..i dislike multi level selling as i don't want to sign up any downline people under me to get a discount..its just a pain in the careful of companies on the website as in the end ..BUYER BEWARE..
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22 Mar 08
I am a believer in vitamins and natural healing. I have not gotten involved with that website in particular, however I do go to Puritans Pride and Swanson Health to order my vitamins. I take fish oil every day, and iron since I have low iron.
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22 Mar 08
I am a great believer in vitamin E, I believe it keeps your insides young and oiled, I have taken them for many years they are a great sourse of antioxidents which we all need, and i have just started taking fis oil capsuals which I think is just as good for you especially as i have read for good brain function...