How to STOP or QUIt smoking?

March 22, 2008 2:54am CST
i had a hard time to stop myself from smoking... what's the best way to do to stop smoking.... ANYONE?!
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@heehaw78 (566)
• Malaysia
3 Jun 09
Hi purelytrina, I am happy to hear that you are trying your level best to quit smoking, it is a positive sign. You need to give yourself a chance and have faith in yourself that you can do it. It may take sometime or a few years but it all depends on you or yourself wether you want or don't want. You may try to reduce the number of sticks firstly, at least altough you cannot quit, you still had cutdown the number of sticks. Next whenevr you wishes to smoke, try to find some other things todo, such as house work, gardening, reading, or other hobbies you might have.Mylotting or blogging for example also is another way. For you will be busy thinking or using your brain and you may focus. I believe you will quit smoking someday.
@lavmadog (75)
• Philippines
27 Mar 08
Go cold turkey! It is the best. Switch to a new hobby, (going to the gym is one) to divert your attention from the bad habit you are running away from. If you have a friend who also wants to quit, then quit and stay around together, most of the time for support system. Quitting now is just as good as any other time, so, why not now?
@jewilim (495)
• Philippines
26 Mar 08
Well , you could try to increase your awareness of the bad effects that smoking can bring to you. Try to reflect on the reason why you smoke and what can it do for you...
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
22 Mar 08
Hello dear purelytrina. I have no experience of smoking as I do not smoke. I do not find any fun from smoking as I am afraid of my health ruined by smoking. Well, my father-in-law made a great decision to stop smoking after he had smoked for three decades. I admire him for his determination on what he has decided to do. He has completely given up smoking. I think that so long as you are persistent, you will be a success. Have a try, my dear friend.