Computer Careers

United States
March 22, 2008 10:16am CST
With the rapidly evolving technology that is available today, a career dealing with computers as a systems analyst, computer programmer, software engineer, hardware engineer, or a computer technician may be one of the best jobs that one can choose for a successful career. The problem is, which one of these jobs is which? As a student in high school, I am boggled when i see the list of computer careers, as many of the job descriptions that i read about seem to be the simple copying and pasting of one of the others, not to mention the similar college majors that are available for each field. I would like to know, "If you were to begin a career as one of these, what would be your job description and daily duties." I would also like to know, "Which college major is necessary to begin a career in one of the fields, or is there a major, such as computer programming or computer engineering, that one would major in and have the option to go into any of the fields?"
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