Holy Week

March 22, 2008 10:50am CST
2 decasdes ago, here in our country, the Holy Week is being celebrated as a very solemn week. As a child, I was not permitted by m father to watch TV, play or laugh out loud. The elders duuring those times believed that it is the time reflect about our lives. The Holy Week is the week that the Son of God went through his passion, his sacrifice. It is the time that one man called Jesus, underwent a lot of suffering due to man's mistakes. Therefore, many believed that it is during this week that we should reflect on Jesus' teachings. And I believe this very much. Not only because I am a Christian but because as per history, a man, Jesus, did suffer and die due to man's mistake and stubborness. So, you see how disappointed I am to have realized that less and less number of people celebrate this week with solemnity that is dued. There are a lot of people who take this holiday opportunity to enjoy and go on out of town with their friends instead of go to pilgrimages. There are a lot of robbers who lurk the streets who disguise themselves as believers. But what's worse is that there are people who pretend to be believers and go to pilgrimages but who swear the loudest instead of tolerate their brother's wrongdoing. People practice abstinence or even more they fast. They do this using food. But they do not open their minds to the fact that abstinence or fasting can also be done using some other means. People can try to sacrifice their yearning for alcohol or say for cigarette or even from looking at another person disrespectfully. Whether or not a person is a Christian, I would still recommend for them to celebrate the Holy Week in order to commemorate one man's tolerance, one man's perfect example of humility, of faith, of peace and of love. So, as for me, I will try and influence as many people as I can to use this week to reflect and to practice love and sacrifice. Will you?
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• Philippines
31 Mar 08
Hello jeicy! We share the same point of view. I don't even know where you from but from our place we do celebrate the holy week with lots of activities. But as you have said it is completely different 2 decades ago from what it is right now. Our elders will not allow us to take a bath after 3pm in the afternoon on GOOD Friday, because they believe that all living things looses their life the same way as Jesus as he is the son of the creator,. I enjoy watching the re-enactment of passion of christ, as a child I would run after the actors and actresses as they would perform their play in a prucession style. And by evening we are encouraged to listen to the "Pasyon" and that time you are not allowed to watch TV or listen to the radio or make a noise... which was boring way back then.. But somehow after the years had pass I miss those old Filipino Traditions and I wish to impart the same experience as I have to my children... In my own little way perhaps I will still observe those old traditions within our family by then perhaps our next generstion will still remember the old traditions. Uhhm , those were ther days... Am getting older!!! OH My!!!
• Philippines
6 Apr 08
We actually don't just share the same views, we also came from the same country, I believe. Thank you for your small ways of ensuring that our traditions are being passed along to the next generation. Each little gesture help largely because you'll never know who you'll touch along the way, who they will touch next when they pass the gesture along. Ripples. They can create tidal waves. :) And please don't worry about your age. It's nothing but a number, of years that you were alive. Meaningless, really... So, relax. We'll all be fine with adding years to our ages. ;)
@cheney (199)
• Hong Kong
22 Mar 08
It's nice of you to say so. I became a catholic last year with hope to clean my mind and my body, for I think that the religion could teach people to be good. But these days religions do not exert much influence on our society. That's pity. Peace with you!
• Philippines
6 Apr 08
No Problem Cheney! Peace be with you as well. Yes, I agree with when you say reigion can teach you to do good but only if one has the open mind and heart. I'm pretty sure each of us can make a great contribution in influencing one another. So, Im also pretty sure there's still hope. Don't fret. ;)