Your religion, my religion, any religion.....

United States
March 22, 2008 1:01pm CST
There are 85,000 different religions to choose from and more if you want to add your own, how do you know what is right and whats wrong? Those that aren't Catholics believe that they are wrong and vice versa. Same goes with any religion, most Christians believe that Muslims aren't right, Buddhist, ect. What im getting to here is that with so many, who is right? How can you be certain that what you believe in is in fact the truth? Most people believe that what they hear and believe is true only because they're parents taught them at a young age. If you were raised to believe Buddhist beliefs you may think that reincarnation isn't so far fetched.
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• Philippines
22 Mar 08
im a proud roman catholic... im quite thankful that of all religions in the whole wide world i happen to be in the roman catholic religion... i can say that rc is the most lenient religion of all religions...