March 22, 2008 1:48pm CST
ladies and gentlemen, it is absolutely snowing outside!! it is really snowing heavily.
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@deadmr (52)
22 Mar 08
it is here to but not that much :( and its just turning all ewy lol
22 Mar 08
i thought it should be getting warmer here now not colder, i think it has stopped.
@mummymo (23707)
23 Mar 08
LOL My friend in England called me this morning VERY excited about the snow! She really has wanted snow all winter and especially at Christmas and didn't get it so is over the moon to have a white Easter! Sounds like you too are pleased to see the snow and I am glad for you! Despite forecast for 4 days of snow there hasn't been any in my area yet and probably won't be now! xxxx