Do you read your partners txts?

United States
March 22, 2008 2:13pm CST
My husband and I get into fights all the time about our cell phones. He does not like me reading his messages and I do not like him reading mine. I have nothing to hide from him, but he gets mad when I see his. So therefore I dont let him see mine. He only talks to his guy friends and stuff, but gets mad when I read them. Just the other day he repeated something that I know I never said to him. He had gotten into my phone and read a message that a friend sent me. That message was in the middle of all my txts so I know he read all of my txts. There is nothing to hide from him, but its the fact that he wont allow me to read his, so why should I let him read mine? Do you read your partners txts or do they read yours? Do you guys fight about it or is it something that you guys dont have a problem with?
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@darvulia (101)
• Portugal
23 Mar 08
i dont have any problem with this.