What is meaning of egg and bunny during Easter Celebration

@jimbelle (485)
March 22, 2008 5:49pm CST
Easter Bunny - Easter bunny
Christian all over the world now celebrates Easter in celebration for the Resurrection of Jesus after a week of prayers, meditation and fasting. But what has egg and bunny got to do with this celebration?The Easter bunny dates back during the ancient times which originated from a "pagan festival of Eastre" who was a goddess who kept rabbit who laid colored eggs. This may be a myth but this custom was brought by Germans to America. In ancient times people from Egypt and Persia exchanged colored eggs during the equinox which symbolizes rebirth. It symbolizes fertility for them. Christians later adapted this tradition. It now represents the tomb from which Jesus came forth new life. This is how it originated and now in the modern times the symbols of easter are bunny, colored egg an the Easter lily which bring more meaning to the Easter celebration. How do you celebrate Easter?