who is sai?

sai - how is sai??
March 22, 2008 7:16pm CST
i just watch naruto. and then i saw this sai, he has a pale color of skin.. just like orochimaru.. is he a relative of orochimaru?. who is sai? and can anyone tell me where i can watch naruto shippuden?? thanks in advance
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7 Apr 08
naruto and sai - preparing to meet the spy
sai is a third gender who is obsessed by his drawing... nahhh just kidding. guy as what the others say, is a replacement of sasuke. he's not related to orochimaru, well, maybe just kinda albino.. hehe or put something every night to keep his skin looks that way...hahaha, na really just kidding. anyway. he is really confused (not his gender ok) not because of his gender ok. but because of the way they trained in the roots. imagine, he's been training with his companion for a long time and all of a sudden as their final task they need to kill each other. what would you think to kill you comrade that he never did bad things to you? actually sai is a lonely person. he just can get over being anbu. that is why he became isolated and always hide his feelings. well that changes after he met naruto.
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23 Mar 08
if you want to watch the episodes, its better to download them to keep them releasing and not shutting down the fansubbing sites (because they have threatened). DB is the main fansub for Naruto... SAI is the replacement for the missing man in Team Kakashi. Pretty much Sasuke's replacement. So far in the anime, sai is part of the ANBU ROOTS organization headed by Danzo, the person who was in line for Hokage when the 3rd got the position. Sai was sent on the mission to assassinate sasuke since he has become a threat to Konoha. Danzo may be cruel but his intentions were on a positive side on protecting konoha. Sai was an orphan and was raised in the ROOTS program. since a child he was raised to be nothing more then a 'tool' to use and fights only for Danzo. He has never learned about love or any other emotion so he doesn't get along too much with the others. BUT now seeing Naruto's dedication on saving sasuke (which sai just sees as a traitor) he wants experience bonds. if you want to read more, you should start reading the manga. Sai becomes a side character but the storyline is way more ahead of the anime.
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23 Mar 08
He's not a relative of orochimaru Sai is added to Naruto Team as a replacement for Sasuke Uchiha. He has been trained to have no emotions, a trait meant to make him impartial to his missions. He is able to bring to life anything he draws on a scroll he carries with him. I like his character very much, he's very mysterious and you don't know what are his motives I used to watch the episodes on crunchyroll but now they have deleted it __