what should you do if your best friend lie you?

@xusnake (278)
March 22, 2008 8:56pm CST
what should you do if your best friend lie you? no matter how best friend you have but there always have someone lie you and trade you in emergency .just like the most ordinary that is your friend accost your girl friend. it is so bad ting which drive you wild.but what should you do after that ?forgive ? or punishment?or other way. it so lucky that all of friends are ok. what is yours?
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@etavasi (752)
• Malaysia
23 Mar 08
hi xusnake, i can feel and understand your feeling when your friends that you categorise them as best friends then sunddenly lie to you. This is also happen to me long time ago, then what i can do is i just pray for God. I hope i got better and keep moving in my life. I also pray for them hope my friends who is lie to me know what they doing. Hopefully their heart will open and don't do this again to others. Pray for God and for your friends also, hope your friends will know what they doing is wrong. May God bless you in your life.
@xusnake (278)
• China
23 Mar 08
i am so sorry hear that what you have been . all of my friends is very good to me and never lie me .and i hope they never ever. you are a good person .god bless you.
@darvulia (101)
• Portugal
23 Mar 08
if a friend lie to me, first i try to understand why he did this. than talk with him. it me lying in a very important think for cruelty, it was very sad, and this person isn't my friend