how can you refuse the request from .

@xusnake (278)
March 22, 2008 9:09pm CST
there always has so many requests from everywhere in our life . but we may be have not the right time , enough money and some reasons to help we need refuse.but a bad way to refuse can cause a lot of trouble. your friendship will got we need a best we to turn down .what is you experience ?
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@etavasi (752)
• Malaysia
23 Mar 08
hi xusnake, thats is normal in life. In my experince most people when i do my invitation. They sudenlly refuse by giving lots of reasons. Then the best way you can use to turn down them is, telling the true of your problem. Just be honest with them. But then this is also hard sometimes to say your problem to others. Then you can say sorry for them before giving your reason. Appologize to them before giving a reason your reason this will help you.
@xusnake (278)
• China
23 Mar 08
yes . honest is the best way.have a nice day