First Aid Training For Military

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March 22, 2008 11:54pm CST
I could not find a section for Military in the interest area, so I'll post this here. Well, one of my uncle's girlfriends (they've been together many years now, so she's like my aunt) recently had a nephew who was killed over in Iraq about 2-3 weeks ago. He stayed with her and my uncle the week before he was deployed. Well, I don't know many details, but I know that he died of blood lost. He lost a good portion of one of his arms and the other military people who were around at that time didn't have military training in First Aid. If they had known how to do the basic and some advanced First Aid, he would've survived. The reason he had blood loss was also from a gash in his leg that nobody paid attention to. If there was somebody there to do it, they could've applied pressure to a pressure point to stop the bleeding in his leg. I think it is important for every person who enters the military should get that training, but for some reason they stopped doing it. My Grandad has a theory that it's because someone could get sued for performing it when they're not a part of the medical portion of the military (I forgot what they were called, but the nurses and people who are posted over there for that purpose). There is no telling how many people could have survived if they had gotten that treatment as soon as they were injured? What is the best way to propose the idea of training the military people in First Aid?
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23 Mar 08
I agree that the military should have basic knowledge of basic first aid skills no matter if you are a medic or not. You never know when you are going to need these very important skills. Renee
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26 Mar 08
Yes. I was told by some relatives of mine who was in the army in the 1970's that EVERY last on of them had no choice at all but to learn first aid before going out in the field for battle. It was a requirement. Lately though, they do not allow anyone other than the medics to learn it.