big cheats: western media making things up about Tibet violence!

@mailovee (265)
March 23, 2008 1:04am CST
these western media declare themselves as objective and just but what they are doing are disgusting. They make things up to dupe their people,to make China look bad,I doubt the journalistic ethics of these people! the incident happened in Tibet a couple of days ago was clearly led by Dalailama and the purpose is to instigate troubls to sabotage Tibet's and the rest of China's development,but some western media including CNN,fox,BBC N-TV and so on regardless of the truth fabricating things up to dupe the whole world. how shameless!! I have uploaded the proofs in my page if you want ,go to my page and check out the pics I've uploaded.
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@urbandekay (18312)
23 Mar 08
Well, who are we to believe? The Chinese who are known to have fabricated an entire history of Tibet to make it appear that it was never a sovereign state or independent media sources, not just from the West but also from India? all the best urban
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• Philippines
23 Mar 08
Media CANNOT fabricate what they broadcast nationwide in their news because their credibility as reporters will be at stake. its in their code of ethics as reporters to only broadcast whats necessary to broadcast and whats the fact given. its not only in Tibet but also in Sudan where Chinese suppression where reported, its also the human rights atrocities the Chinese government did to suppress the outtake. media is not biased. they also did what they did with U.S i the Iraq incident. so, you think they will get China off the hook because you just said so??? if your ranting about Tibet, then how about the Sudan incident? how will you justify the measures your country did??
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• China
2 Apr 08
the western have their own think or plan split,violence,killing...what's this when this happen in their country,what measure they will take?? in USA,in England?? I think you have known it more to me so say nothing