Where do you fit in?

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March 23, 2008 2:37am CST
I got to thinking about something mostly out of boredom. I have always been rather small compared to the rest of my family, I am not a midget. I got to thinking about all my family members and their height and weight, and I realized something, I am the shortest male in the family at around 5'8 and my weight is around 175 lbs where as most of the rest of the males in my family are the minimum of 5'10 and most out weigh my by 10 pounds or better. Being like this means the advantages, and disadvantages are one in the same, what I mean by that is I can get into places where alot of the rest of the family can not get into, which means I have to go into places that I would rather someone else go... I just wonder where others fit into the family height/weight wise, you do not have to put your height/weight on here if you don't want to, I am just curious about this, and could not find a discussion like this by using the search.
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23 Mar 08
I'm short, the shortest in the immediate family.. so I have to go places I dont want to go too. I know what you mean! I also have the smallest hands so if there is a tight spot in a hole or something, or a screw that needs tightened or undone in a weird place, I'm the one who gets to do it.. yay!
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24 Mar 08
Me too...
@foxyfire33 (10009)
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28 Mar 08
Of the women in my immediate family, I'm the biggest but not in a bad way and not by much, just enough to be noticeable. I'm 5'3" barefoot while my mom and sisters are 5'2" and under with shoes on. I always out weighed my sisters also but they are scrawny and I have muscle and curves. They always wished they had my figure. It's funny too because I'm the youngest.