March 23, 2008 6:49pm CST
i love the beach so much but i never swim because i get red spot when finish swimming..... do u experience that kind of allergy? honestly, it's annoying because i don't enjoy beach so much... i envy those people who is playing and very happy while on the water...
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@diansinta (7551)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 08
I got red spot too sometimes when the water touch my skin. But after i wash with ordinary water (plain) the red spot are not itchy anymore.
• Malaysia
27 Mar 08
are those red spot itchy? it could be some sort of rashes. maybe you're sensitive to some kind of element in the water or something. did you go to see the doctor after that?
@rvchan (9)
• United States
25 Mar 08
Sometimes I get this too! My friends have said that it is mostly due to the quality of water. We usually go to Huntington beach in California and it is pretty filthy. You can also try to wear a rash guard / or one of those surfing suits (i don't know what they are called) but they will keep you warm and cover the majority of your body. Good luck!
@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
24 Mar 08
I think what you are getting is something called swimmers itch. It's a very high algea content in the water. Have you tried taking a shower immediately after swimming at the beach? If you haven't try this and remember lots and lots of soap. That's the only sure way to get rid of this algea that is all over your body. Another thing with this algea is that when you come out of the water most people like to tan and dry off. Sun is the worst thing for this as it brings on the itch and red bumps alot faster.