are birds considered reptiles?

United States
March 23, 2008 10:00pm CST
birds have scales on their feet that are similar to reptiles. i wonder why they have scales.
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@jb78000 (15173)
31 Jan 10
taxonomy is always changing but i checked and at the moment lizard, snakes, crocodiles and birds are more closely related to each other than any of them are to turtles and tortoises.
@jb78000 (15173)
31 Jan 10
more likely than they are to believe a burbling lamb. this is true though.
@Graagh (95)
• United States
24 Mar 08
Thats because birds are related to reptiles! Many studies show similarities between birds and dinosaurs that show a clear relationship between the two; some go so far as to say that birds are dinosaurs. Some of the evidence for this: the scales you mentioned, the fact that they lay eggs, and numerous skeletal similarities.
• United States
25 Mar 08
then how come platypus lays egg but is not considered as a reptile or bird
@jpso138 (7869)
• Philippines
15 Apr 08
Crocodile - This photos was taken at a crocodile farm.
Well, birds are not reptiles. A reptile is an air-breathing, cold-blooded vertebrates that have skin covered in scales instead of hair or feathers. They are represented by four living orders: Crocodilia (crocodiles, gharials, caimans and alligators) Sphenodontia (tuataras) Squamata (lizards, snakes and amphisbaenids) Testudines (turtles and tortoises) Basing on this classification, the bird is not a reptile. I hope I was able to clarify the matter. I am herewith attaching a picture of a crocodile that I took when I visited a crocodile farm in our city.