when the cellphone turn off still haveing radiate ?

March 23, 2008 10:29pm CST
you know i awaly turn off the phone and put it beisde the bed ! is it still will harm my health ? this awaly bother me !
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@myklj999 (16911)
24 Mar 08
No. Your cell phone will no longer emit any type of radiation unless it is transmitting a signal.
• United States
24 Mar 08
That is true... if the cell phone is turned off, it is not considered active and cannot transmit a signal so there is no RF radiation that can be a protential problem. It has been suggested that cell phones be turned off during the night especially if they are being put in the bedroom as the low level radiation that is emitted even when the cell phone is on but not in use can cause insomnia and other difficulties. It has also been suggested that cell phones not be used in the car as this may increase the radiation exposures as it is in a smaller enclosed area. Keeping the cell phone away from your body when in use and when not in use is a good idea. Hands free is a good thing but even that will not totally eliminate RF radiation exposures... Just a little additional information gleaned from browsing on the net.
• China
24 Mar 08
really thanks for your kindly explain,i get the answers!