The Tradegy of Postpartum Depression and Pregnancy

@tjades (3593)
March 23, 2008 10:49pm CST
Sometime late last year some disturbimg news broke in my country of a mother (a nurse) who committed suicide killing not only herself but also her two daughters. If I remember correctly the oldest child was about 11 yrs old. The second was a months old baby. The story which surfaced was that she had checked into a hotel with her children and the three were later found dead by a worker. Cause of death was a lethal injection administered to all three victims. Family members and friends were so destressed. They reported that she was having some difficulty with her husband and it had been that way shortly after marriage but they had no idea she would ever do such a thing. Her father was so affected that one day following the tradegy he turned up at her work place (a hospital) wearing her uniform. I have heard nothing further on the case but nationwide it raised the question of the effect of postpartum depression on women. Have you ever taken time out to think of the effects that pregnancy can have on a woman? How much do you know about postpartum depression.
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