Bush's War

United States
March 24, 2008 12:05am CST
I am only posting this topic so people will know about this program. It is called "Frontline" and it is about "Bush's War". This program will be on PBS at 8 PM (Central). I plan on watching this show and I want to let others know in case that is something they may be interested in watching too. Let's discuss this program after it airs so we can see how other people enjoyed/didn't enjoy the show. I am very interested in seeing what they will be saying about it.
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• Belgium
24 Mar 08
I don't live in America, so I won't be able to see it. But I'm still interested.. What view is this program going to have about the war? Is it going to represent the war in a positive or negative light? I've personally seen a French television show which took us step by step through the main events of the Iraq War without much commentaries. The audience could easily deduce the whole thing was a failure without have the commentator say so. :P
• United States
26 Mar 08
I watched part one of this program the other night and it had a lot of officials of the White House and CIA who used to work for the Bush Administration before the war even started. D!ck Cheney was portrayed in a really bad light. The show talked about how Cheney was the one who wanted to go to war in Iraq and he kept pushing until they finally did. It also said that Cheney was the one who influenced Bush to go to war because he had too much power over Bush, even though he is only Vice President. Cheney is also said to leave Condalisa Rise and Collin Powell out of the planning stages because he thought they would get in his way. He also had documents fabricated that stated Iraq had nuclear weapons even though they didn't and he pressured newspapers to publish stories about those weapons. Congress also told Bush he couldn't go to war with Iraq because the terrorists were in Afganistan, but he used the CIA to go behind the scenes and get an appointed lawyer to sign the papers allowing him to go to war.