Home Management Binder/ Control Journal. Do You Have One?

@megs85 (3145)
March 24, 2008 1:19am CST
Whatever you want to call it time management journal, family planner, control journal etc, a home management binder is a useful tool in establishing household routines, recognising and recording goals and progress of these goals, and general time management and household organisation. After looking at a number of blogs and websites I have decided to create my own home management binder, and was looking for ideas and inspiration from other who have one already. So far I'm planning: PERSONAL- address book & phone directory, birthdays and other occasions (such as anniversaries) list, personal goals, childcare information, immunisation records for my kids, medical info for each family member ie; allergies, monthly calendar, daily to do list, birth certificates/ extracts and so on FINANCIAL- household budget, household tax info, household super info, insurance information, utilities information, rental information, debt record, bpay details for all regular payments, fuel receipts section, other tax expenses section, chemist receipts section, warranties and instructions, bills outstanding, postal receipts and records HOUSEHOLD MANAGMENT- menu planning tips, pantry inventory, freezer inventory, weekly meals planner, weekly grocery list, monthly dinner menu planner, weekly overview, morning/afternoon/evening routines, weekly ceaning checklist, monthly cleaning checklist, annual cleaning checklist, recipes, frugal living tips/info, home made cleaner recipes. For those familiar with the flylady.net website, or other similare websites you'll understand the point of this is to save time and stress by having everything you need all in the one place. So what can you share with me about your own home management binder, or if you don't have one, what you think of the concept?
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