the death of fm radio yeah!!

March 24, 2008 2:27am CST
Hi everyone, For a long time payole and orther unseedy practices have allowed FM radio to control the careers of major lable musicians. Now with Itunes and all the ways music can get out into the public you'll hear somthing differnt on the radio. So many of the bands you hear are not what people are listening to them!! How many of you have heard of Jack Johnson? He did a song for curious George and has sold many records. Yet you've probably never heard him on the radio. How did that happen? Well this amazing thing has happened in advertising. Instead of putting some hooky prefabericated jingle on there. They have decided to you real music in there advertisments. Notice how effective they are!? How many of you have found an artist though this occurance? Music is getting out and no one can hold it back. Some might look at the bygone era and say oh when radio made stars. But you know what? There a lot of great music out there from people who might not get the normal reconignition. See from a business stand point why would a major lable want to take a chance on somthing orignal? When they can just put more of the same stuff out that people seem to respond to. So they back the most unorignal uninspiring bands. And mucisal stagancy persist in the musical community. But not anymore with current media and the internet. If its good it gets out. Though myspace or face book or commericals how ever. It makes me happy to see music and creativty flourish here and now. Its a new era that has changed the face of the music industry and the peoples lives in it. I am a musician and it is my greatest love in life. And to turn on the radio and hear things that there are no videos on MTV for. And really don't sell well(music that is also real garbage) die there on FM radio makes me happy.
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