My fighter - This is my fighter, I had to change chars because the defender is too hard to lvl with out friends, and they went back to LC.
United States
March 24, 2008 3:08am CST
I have been playing MMorpg's again for a bit, I played WOW and there are alot of cool things about it, I just got bored with it after a while. I wondered around playing other games like FPS games, MOH:AA, BF1942, etc... I happened across this site areia games, and first started playing the Last Chaos, but in my opinion they started messing the game up, later some friends and I found the Malaysian version has an english version so we have been using it for that game. But to the point I got to test this game called Shaiya and it was love at first kill (Pun intended). I love the amount of quest, although I will say after about 24 they start becoming less frequent. I really fell in love with the pvp (Will get some ss of the borderlands and post them)area of this game. There are draw backs to this game though, like you can not kill someone for ks'ing like you can in Last Chaos and some other games. But to me the good definitely out weights the bad in this game. For the North American version Go here For the other versions go to and scroll down to the botom to where it says family sites and click the version you wish. Here is a ss of my Char on the game. I had to change chars, though I still have my defender he is lvl 31 normal if anyone wants to help me get him to 50, Because my friends went back to Last Chaos and a defender is not a solo fighter.
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