Globalization: Are you Pro or Anti? What's your reason?

March 24, 2008 3:15am CST
Do you think Globalization is good for your country and its communities? In my Country which sometimes considered as a third world, I believe it would be very helpful. Some says it robs the job off the people, but I believe in the long run, it will be better for the economy.
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@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
24 Mar 08
Hello,ronin! Yes,I welcome Globalisation of the economy.thereby, you get good supply of commodities from all over the world.there will be no short supply of anything.what is surplus in a country the traders would procure from the cultivators and the producers directly with good money and supply to countries where there is short supply and maintain the balance of supply and demand scale.this would fetch good money to both the traders and the producers,be it industrialists or agriculturists.the apprehension of unemployment in this case dose not arise,rather it will expand employment opportunities.thank you.
• Philippines
24 Mar 08
Thank you for the comment. The fear of the people in my country, specially the agriculturists, is with globalization, the cheaper products of china will eventually enter and damage the farming industries. We have enough supply of food in the Philippines but our own vegetable products are priced higher than that of China because our supplies are more expensive. They come from abroad. How do you think could this problem be solved with Globalization.
@jeanniemay (1803)
• Philippines
29 Mar 08
I guess, I would agree on some aspects and disagree on few occasions. Well, if it is something good, why not? It will be helping some countries that needs some help. I would bother some maybe ruling over, as long as we know how to deal with it and use it, it is something well to consider. On the other side though, yes, it is coupled with risks, and the only we can get through is to be creative. There are possibilities in every challenge, let's put it a thumbs up and do what we need to do.
@debshie (392)
• Philippines
24 Mar 08
if it makes the lives of the people better,then why not. globalization has its pros and cons, but i think the determining factor of its benefit is when we majority of the people benefits from it.