Qualities of a man for ladies

March 24, 2008 3:21am CST
What qualities do you look for when you are about to get into a relationship with a man that ask for your heart?
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• United States
25 Mar 08
Hello titaniumsoul! Well when I am looking for a man the qualities that I tend to look for in a man are compassion, intelligent, sweet, handsome, he has to have goals in life, outgoing and easy to love. I feel like when he is a good man you will definately have that feeling that tells you that he is the one. The reason why I want my man to be passionate is because I want for my man to be able to show how he cares for me. Being passionate and showing compassion for your woman shows that you also can love on her mentally. I want my man to be intelligent because I am a very intelligent person and how will he be able to provide living for the both of us if he isn't intelligent or hold any knowledge. My man has to be sweet because I don't want someone who is always up tight and can't smile at me on the daily basis to let me know thathe loves and cares for me. My man has to be handsome because I plan on having beautiful children. My man has to have goals in life because I do and Iwon't settle for less. My man has to be outgoing and easy to love because I feel like I am a very updity person so hehas to be cheerful and Ijust have to be able to love him no matter what our situation is. So titaniumsoul with that said NakitaLikely3617 is out!
• Singapore
26 Mar 08
, looks like you are on the hunt for men. Good luck on the hunt.
@queenofarms (1665)
• United States
24 Mar 08
Qualities in a man I looked for is: A good provider. A sense of humor. Has some of the same interest as I do. Doesn't mind spending time with my family and friends. Clean cut, cares about the way he looks. Willing to help out around the house.