Does an actor/actress's character reflect on your judgement?

@nixxi76 (3192)
March 24, 2008 4:22am CST
When I watch a movie and find an actor or actress that I think has good talent doing their job, I end up liking most or all of that person's movies they star or just play a role in. Some play the good guys well and others will play the villians to a tea. When a movie comes out that I find interesting and I see my favorite actors/actresses in them and I feel that the role wasn't for them or they went from playing a good guy where everyone loves on one movie and the next they act as a bad villan or theif, etc... I feel like I don't like them anymore and would not think twice about seeing another movie with them in it. Has this ever happened to you?
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@nice030481 (1108)
• Philippines
24 Mar 08
no, its only thier job, thats why they call actor or actress, because of the different role they have to reflect on camera, but you cannot tell thier true character when you met them personally.
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@nixxi76 (3192)
• Canada
24 Mar 08
Hi nice, good point, and I"ll keep that in mind next time that happens. I also find that if I don't like a character that I never like their movies. Thanks for your thoughts
@snowcat46 (2322)
• United States
9 Jan 10
Most of the time, no. But when it involves rape, I have problems. I have a hard time watching them anymore if they've portrayed a rapist. It's not so bad if it's just spoken of, but if they really portray what the rapist does, I have problems ever watching them again. Wife beating, I can see it as a role. I don't like it, but I can watch them again. Serial killers, ok. It's just a role and it doesn't bother me. There's just something about the rape thing. Now, Michael Ironsides is such a perfect villain. I'd watch him in anything. He does villainy so well. He's so dark and broody, he can play any villain to perfection. Like Vincent Price. You just love to see them being bad, they do it so well!