Do you belive in destiny?

March 24, 2008 4:47am CST
When i was young, i tell to myself that when i got a boyfriend, he will be my first and last, he will the one to marry and to be with for the rest of my life, i got a boyfried when i was 17 yrs old but after 3 1/2 yrs of relationship we broke up. i just say were not meant for each other. after 1 yr i got another boyfriend he is my husband now and he is my destiny.
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@Hayley_N (526)
• Argentina
24 Jul 08
I don't believe in destiny in the way that everyone has a set reason for existing, that you can do whatever you want but will end up in the same predestined place in the end. I feel that everyone has free choice and what happens to you is determined by what your choices are during your life. I believe that where you end up is because of your decisions. For example, I wouldn't have met my wonderful fiance if I had not met my ex before I had met her. Life is full of mysteries but if you let people convince you that you can live your life however you want or just lay stagnant and wait for whats coming to you, you are sadly mistaken. Get out there and do what is best for you and MAKE your destiny!
@hi_gourab (242)
• India
26 Mar 08
I do believe in destiny but there is always a question that how do I find my right destiny?but now....I KNOW ,.. "Don't try to find destiny because Destiny always finds you"
• China
24 Mar 08
No, i don't believe in destiny. I think one can make his life through one's hard work. Yes, you may be born in a poor family, but it doesn't mean that you will be poor in your whole life, you may become rich if you work hard.And many stories of successful people have prooved that.So i had always believe in that"you desstiny is in your own hand".
24 Mar 08
Yes I do believe in destiny. I met my beloved husband when I was 15 I was on holiday with a friend and her family. Everyone said it would not last but here we are still together some 45 years later. He is my opposite twin and we have so much in common.
• India
24 Mar 08
In life, it is always better to keep our options open .Life has so much to give us and why live a life of prejudice .We have our principles and we do our best to toe it , then why do we have more strings attached to it than necessary . with regards
@leloo2 (114)
• Romania
24 Mar 08
i believe that somewhat i make my destiny if i really want to to be with someone for the rest of my life and i really feel that thn it will come to my amaze that it would be like that if i feel it i do it