Can You Define the State of Being DEAD?

March 24, 2008 7:25am CST
have you ever died for awhile before? i'v been before. when i was 13 years old. true that death is certain. i never knew what hit me. it happened one awful morning when my headaches like its gonna crack. my parents thought it was just my excuse to skip classes. hours had past and still my head aches. i fell asleep and then i had a sizure.. 30 minutes later my parents saw me shivering in one end of my room and brought me to the hospital. my life was hanging on that time. on that moment i had a 3 minutes halt on my body system. i was dead. but i never knew that i died. all i could remember was waking up with a bright light on top and a deep darkness sorrounding me. when i looked down, it was so deep.. when i looked at my back, i saw my body. i was so confused that time until suddenly i felt being vacumed back to bed.. Did i died or did my mind played games on me? Did i actually saw the light and me in porgatory? what do you think?
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