what will u do after u are failure?

March 24, 2008 9:01pm CST
what will u do after u are failure ? cry ?find a quiet place to think about ur failure? find someone to share with u?
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@ciades (1624)
• Philippines
25 Mar 08
When with my friends. Just hanging out with them and share about it. Having a videoke and eating bonding. When at home simply i just watched dvd movies with my family and talked, laughed making joke at them. After when to my room and just relief it thru crying and pray before sleep. Thru internet: Checking my emails, IM and doing mylot and sharing thru making discussions or posting inorder to relief and its the best.
@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
25 Mar 08
Hi there dinhquanghuy! It depends upon the kind of failure but usually, if it's that big, then I cry. I usually share it with my husband who happens to also be my bestfriend and then I'll share it with my family too. I will definitely need to take it off my chest through talking or even through writing. I have experienced a number of failures now but thankfully, I get back on my feet and move on with my life. The biggest factore of my strength is having God in my life.
@mbs730 (2152)
• Canada
25 Mar 08
Why do you think you are a failure? You may have made a mistake, maybe a few times even repeating the same mistake but.. that doesn't make you a failure, what happened?