Do you know the world's most mysterious birds?

March 24, 2008 10:50pm CST
In a chance opportunities, in a the hill, the foot of a number of small reservoirs in a row hillside adjacent to the border areas, there is "a general Huihese, head of the crown is a bouquet, huge eyes, never seen before stare at the birds themselves. Nobody knows when this "Guaidao" name. Expedition officers then photographed a few to the South China Endangered Animals Research Institute. Result of matching, which is open Quee Hainan tabby. Its volume very rare, is China's endemic birds. Country recorded a Hainan tabby with fewer than 200 birds. Now endangered in the state, according to records of such birds is the British during the Opium Wars in china's Hainan Island found. Long time only in the United Kingdom have a museum specimens preserved in future also failed to obtain the relevant information. Therefore referred to as "the world's most mysterious birds."
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