Condemn the child's bad behaviour not the child.

March 25, 2008 1:32am CST
"You are a bad girl" or "Don't you know how to be a good boy?" are the words with which a child is admonished by his or her parents, most often.But hey! what concerns is that, these casual scoldings with which we try to correct our children can have a deep impact in a way we cant even imagine.Our words can sink in the childs tender brain and the adjectives we used like 'bad girl', stupid boy,useless child,foolish,failure,etc are retained in the child's mind and can echo in her heart for years and years. Parents are everything to the child and they believe each and every word of them. Subconsciously he starts believing that he is bad,stupid or hopeless which decreases his selfconfidence. These sort of comments might make him more agressive We should condemn the child's bad behaviour, not the child. Do you agree?
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