@yingwu (21)
March 25, 2008 1:53am CST
Cooking is the basic skill for many housewifes.But many people especially girls born in 1980s don't have the cooking skills because mothers and fathers make so much fuss of their chidren . What do you think about this phenomena? Do you like cooking ? What dishes are you good at ?
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@after80 (110)
• China
28 Mar 08
I am after 80 ,I love cooking especially cooking for my family . But I cann't cook a delicious mael . Bone soup is the best dish I can cook . It tastes really yummy and its cook method is so easy .
25 Mar 08
I agree with you the art of cookery seems to be getting lost. I understand that women now go out to work so time is at a premium but always turning to the redy meal is not a good idea. My mum taught me to cook and we also did cookery in school which we all enjoyed. I love to cook and like trying different receipes and ideas
@diillu (5128)
25 Mar 08
Well, I'm born in mid 80's and I totally love cooking. Apart from that in my home I'm known as one of the best cook. I enjoy cooking and trying out different receipes. I really feel good to make good food and give my family a new food every day. And the phenomena you are talking about, I think this should be according to the people's intrest. Those people who aren't intrested in cooking shouldn't be pressured and those who are intrested shouldn't be prevented. I used to help my mom on kitchen from my early age. And from that time I develop the intrests on cooking.