my computer has attacked virus so it is very slow.what we do?

March 25, 2008 5:26am CST
my computer has lot of virus.we have install anti virus software.the virus not removeing completly.thats why my system is ver slow
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• India
30 Dec 09
please back up all the data in the drives D,E,F and then reinstall the windows again in your system
@robertx (150)
• Romania
31 Dec 09
Some people don't have drives D,E,F, just plain old C. If its not a dangerous worm that is taking over, usually its as easy as uninstall your old antivirus and get the latest version of it from internet, or a better antivirus software. There are many free antivir options out there, but in case of bad virus attack, those 15-30 days trial versions are good option as well. You can remove and replace trial software with free ones, after they do their job, cuz it should only take at most few hours, for an entire system scan and cleaning. I won't reply on the main, cuz the thread is 2 years old, but i thought this info might help you shivamkapila, to waste less time when disasters strike. Also a backup image for the healthy system, can cut on time waste to reinstall everything from scratch. It only takes 3 to 10 minutes to restore c: drive from image, but you must make sure you only have your operating system on drive c, before you restore the image, as well as when you make the image. Else data loss occurs if you rewrite c:, and drive image may get too big if you put other stuff in c whenever you plan to make partition backup.
@maniksrr (42)
• India
26 Mar 08
See if you install more than one anti-virus gradually It will slow down your system. Just say me is there any other symptoms other than slow down of computer. surely I will help you to make your system to the early state.Dont format the system it may decrease the lifetime of your HD(Hard Disk). NO ANTIVIRUS CAN REMOVE ALL THE VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better post me the process that run in your system. I am here to help you!!!!!!!!
@s2a2n2 (1732)
• India
25 Mar 08
take back up of data of all drives and completely format and then install Os and other software. It could fix