How much can you eat ?

March 25, 2008 7:29am CST
I have always had a fascination for food per say .But people close to me never understood my love for food , mean isn't it?.I am not an obese or overweight but i can eat lke a horse .Since my adventurism for food would leave me penniless ,i used to scout out for those offers at eat outs .Unlimited pizzas for just 100 bucks , only two varities for this offer , the only one which meet my match .I was a U.G student at that time and used to call my friends to join the frenzy at the pizza joint .Once we agreed to test our limits and agreed for a bet . The loser pays for the victor .The pizzas that were served were large ones but in slices ( 1 large pizza has 8 slices ) .When we started out it was fun talking about our daily chores but things started heating up when rest of my friends fell out except one .Then finally he too called it quits .The final tally came out to 33 slices , it is like eating 4 large pizzas .My friends were awe struck , for a sec i felt like God .The pizza guys were mad at me ,surely they must be , i gorged food worth over 1500 bucks for just 100 .From the subsequent weekend they scarped the offer , but being positive as i am i will definetly find others . If you have had any such experience or seen some please share it with me . with regards
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@ruby222 (4848)
25 Mar 08
Oh Lordy lol soo much pizza!!!! im not really into fast foods as such...but i love my food!! Im not huge but again im not small!! My passion is chocolate and sweet things...and biccies....all the things in life that arent too good for you!!
@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
25 Mar 08
I can only eat up to 2 slices of pizza. (new york sizes) and i will already be full so much i might not be able to eat in the next few hours. I love food too and i love trying them out, but i cannot eat as much as you do. i just like to taste a few and know if they are good or not. Im just a curious being i guess.
@chrysz (1603)
• Philippines
25 Mar 08
I have tried overeating during my kid's bday, at least I am at home and never bother if my stomach can't take it since I am just at home. I don't try new food often because I find it a waste of money in case I don't like it. I also consider the possibility of getting poisoned or having tummyaches or runs. There are lots of eat-all-you-can restos here in the Philippines for only 300 PHP or around 8 USD only. Its kinda cheap but I don't wanna try it since my appetite is not that high. Maybe I would gladly try it if I'd be in a group since eating with other people will make you consume more than what you can really take.
@xixinha (141)
• Portugal
25 Mar 08
I love food. I go to weddings just to eat. and i eat around three courses of each desert.
@leloo2 (114)
• Romania
25 Mar 08
i eat a lot..3 times a day plus between them fruits,sweets, all kind of food i never get fat :P