i really need all of your help.. help...please..

United States
March 25, 2008 1:36pm CST
i have this friend and she wants to go to medical school but shes addicted to stripping and she will be broke if she stops because she has a baby. and she has a car payment she has to feed herself and that is the only way that she has any income .. she is so sad. i dont know what to do for her.
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@Pompon (1758)
• Poland
25 Mar 08
I'm sorry but this sounds weird:/ Like a cheap tv movie screenplay, don't be offended. How old is she, anyway? Studying medcine is very hard because you need like 7 years or more to be able so start as a doctor. And it requires a lot of studidg, strong personality etc. I think your friend ahould focus first on something in her reach, like fining another job. And then to make the father of her child help her. And if the child is small she shouldn't even think of medicine because she would have no time for it no more:/
25 Mar 08
Does she enjoy stripping or is she stuck there and doesnt like the job? If she likes the job I cant see anything wrong with her continuing with it and trying to get into med school part time. If she doesnt like it then i really feel for her, is there no other job she could take that would enable her to earn and go to school? I am presuming you live in the US, I live in the UK and here we have many scheems in opperation to aid mothers back into education, even to the point of if you attend a University in the UK to study a healthcare profession they will pay you to do so. It is a shame as i do not know what sort of system you have over there but i wish you and your friend all the best and hope she can reslove the situation.
@babykeka80 (2003)
• United States
25 Mar 08
If she is stripping then she should have more than enough time and money to get herself into school. I have a two year old and am pregnant and still putting myself through school. Its her own will and if she wants it bad enough she has to make the sacrifice needed to do it.
@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
25 Mar 08
If she wants to go to medical school go to medical school it is that simple. Yes she will have to keep her job to succeed at this as you need money for tuition, books etc. Why can't she strip at night (even if she has to cut back on some hours due to homework etc) But she will still have a sort of income coming in. As for the child depending on the age there is daycare. Medical school wouldn't be a night thing but there are some good schools that offer night and day classes. Just choose the one that is best for her. If she puts her mind to it she can do it. Yes it will be hard but it will make her that much better of a person. Support her as much as you can for doing this.
@rpegan (598)
• United States
25 Mar 08
What's so bad about stripping? It's a legitimate and perfectly legal source of income. She might not have as much time during med school, but I know a few strippers who go to school full time and strip on the weekend.