lasik surgery is it safe?

March 25, 2008 9:55pm CST
hi everyone, i like to ask your opinion is lasik surgery safe? is it 100% to give you 20/20 vision? i had a friend who undergone lasik and is recommending it to me. but i am skeptical because he had a sister also wearing glass and upto now didn't consider undergoing lasik i am thinking is there hidden complications? ^_^
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• United States
26 Mar 08
No it is not guaranteed to give you 20/20 vision. Furthermore, not all people are candidates for the surgery. You need to go for a consultation to see if you even would qualify for it. Some of the conditions which may make a patient a poor candidate for LASIK include the following: Thin cornea A cornea with an abnormal structure Pregnancy Cataract Corneal Dystrophies Ocular Herpetic Keratitis Diabetic Retinopathy Severe dry eye Patients with the above conditions may not be ideal candidates for LASIK but may find that other types of vision correction may be beneficial. Ideally, Lasik delivers 20/20 or 20/40 vision. Many patients are ecstatic about being able to see in the shower, exercise and work without glasses. "It is a six-minute procedure, not invasive, relatively simple, not like removing cataracts," said Fuqua. The key to successful Lasik surgery depends on screening and preparation. Complications that can occur during the procedure include wrinkling of the Saran Wrap-like flap when it is replaced on the cornea, which distorts vision, and not calibrating the laser or positioning the chair properly. You should definitely go to a trusted and experienced lasik provider and proceed with caution. Good luck!
• Philippines
27 Mar 08
Hi lolalolacherrycola thanks for the info ^_^