Why do telemartketers constantly call even though told not too?

United States
March 25, 2008 10:28pm CST
I have been calls from telemarketers at least once a day. I am on the do not call list. I have threatened to take them to court, i have done everything. Now it's gotten to the point where it rings twice and then they hang up right when we pick up the phone. it's getting on my nerves. I know they need to work, but i just don't want to bothered. i don't have the time or the money. What's your thoughts? How have telemarketers bothered you in the past? Share your experiences.
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@howard96h (11658)
• New York, New York
26 Mar 08
I am on the "Do Not Call" list too but that doesn't stop them. I tried everything and fighting with them only makes it worse. Now I turn on my answering machine and it's on 24/7 if it's someone I know I pick up the phone and when it's one of those telemarketers I let the machine take the call and they always hang up and they never leave a message. I won't answer the phone anymore when I know it's them calling.
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• United States
26 Mar 08
did you know that the order to "do not call" your number expires after so many years? i THINK its 5 years but im not positive. we've been getting more of that crap too, some im thinking my do not call list thingy is expired. another thing about that Do Not Call list is that if the company has done ANY BUSINESS with you in the past whatsoever..they are not part of the Do not call thingy. seems to me like having them send you a flyer or info in the mail wouldnt count as having "done business" but sometimes i think it does. whether you requested their crappy info or not too! i hate answering the phone as it is..maybe i should start leaving the answering machine on all the time too lol!