wht such i do

@sisco100 (2345)
United States
March 26, 2008 12:27am CST
well i date my ex for about 3 years and then we broke up and i move to a different state for school. we still talk and i still love her, but the thing is tht i dont know if i wana be with her just yet. we went throught alot of problems and she put me thourght alot. every time i talk to her all she talks about is getting back with me and spending the rest of her life with me. i wana be with her but i want to date other people to make sure tht she the one for me, but the thing is tht if i tell her tht i wana date other people i'll lose my chance with her if i find out tht she might be my soul mate. so i just dont know wht to do about it. all i know is i have about two years to make a choose. thts when i finish school and i told her i would be able to tell her wht i choose
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