When did Adrianna become..

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March 26, 2008 6:22am CST
such a Witch? She used to be all sweet and innocent and cute- almost sickeningly so. Now all of a sudden Gigi is in town and she has become this jealous, insecure, conniving thing who really reminds me of Dorian. I don't think Rex gave her any reason to be jealous. But for some reason she is threatened. The way Rex is acting toward Gigi I think is more out of guilt, or the way you look out for a friend. And most of that didn't start to happen right away. But Adrianna just started treating her so horribly from the beginning. And Layla, why does she keep running to Adrianna with every little thing. If it's 'no big deal' why does she bother to tell her?
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@jillmalitz (5132)
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26 Mar 08
Ah yes as the soap suds bubble so do the characters. I agree with you. Adrianna has become a real jerk. Of course when she first came to the show she was sickeningly sweet. Of course if soaps did not have some many personality changes we would probably get bored. To me, Rex is adorable. I dont think either Gigi or Asrianna is doing right by him. Adrianna knows the truth about Gigi's boy and she is determined to keep Rex from having any relationship with him. I see a fight coming. As for Layla, she has no story line so I guess that is all the writers can figure out for her to do. I think it is dumb, but I have known people like her. I wonder which will blow up first Rex and Adrianna or Starr/Daddy and Cole?
@coffeebreak (17820)
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28 Mar 08
Yeah, you'd think Adrianna would NOT want it to come out about Rex being Shanes father. YOu'd think she'd try to keep it secret for fear of loosing Rex.
@Trace86 (5033)
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10 Apr 08
I think they are making her act like that so they can write her out when her contract is up. I suspect she will throw a hissy fit and run off to Paris really soon. She and Layla both need a good face slapping!
28 Mar 08
Oh,my goodness. I have been wondering the very same thing. This chick (Adrianna) is getting on my last nerves. She was incredibly rude to GiGi talking about her clothes and today talking to Shane. I am actually waiting for her to go back to Paris. I think Dorian is good at being Dorian, but, please, one Dorian is enough! I think that Adrianna is going to push Rex right towards GiGi is she keeps up this act. Layla needs to mind her business. She needs to be the one going to Paris since she obviously ain't got much going on with Vincent at the moment.